In 2017, when I was preparing for the CAT exam alongside my job, one thought would often cross my mind, “ShouldS I quit my job?” While I was working, every single day was a struggle for me. I just hated going to the office. There was negativity all around, and I just wanted to move out of that place anyhow.

My CAT preparation was going pretty good and I was quite confident about getting through. I was so obsessed with the preparation that spending time at the office felt like a waste. All I wanted to do was quit my job and prepare for CAT whole-heartedly.

So, I talked to my mentors expressing my reluctance to continue the job. And every time I asked them, their answer remained the same– a big no!

I asked them, “Why do you ask me to not quit my job when I feel terrible there?”

Each of them said,

“CAT is very unpredictable. You can never be confident about the result. The risk is too high to take. And CAT is an exam which one can easily manage with the job. Moreover, a drop year is not good if you are preparing for an MBA because interviewers look for candidates who have some exposure to the corporate before, and have felt the heat before.

Preparing without CAT gives a hint that you can not work under pressure and can not manage time effectively. So, quitting the job is not an option. Throw it out of your mind and focus on juggling office and preparation. If you are feeling terrible at the office, change your job, but don’t take a drop.”

At that time, I got angry with my mentors because they were not understanding my problem, but then, I witnessed many working professionals who quit their job for CAT and could not get through. Many of them became jobless. And some of them who cracked the CAT exam couldn’t convince the interviewers as to why they quit the job. This is unfortunate. 

So, if you want to quit the job and prepare for the CAT, ask yourself the following questions and make a decision.

  1. What will you do if the CAT doesn’t work out for you? Do you have any back-up?
  2. Does CAT really require the practice of 10–12 hours a day that you can’t juggle the job and the preparation?
  3. Are you ready to deal with the probable repercussions of leaving the job – the financial stability and the pressure to perform?

If you ask my opinion now, I would never ask you to take a drop. I feel that the job gives you both – security and opportunity. So, don’t quit it. If your job frustrates you, change it, but don’t simply quit.

All the best!

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