From new faces and endless talks to empty roads and lonely walks, something is left behind. Now is the time to bid adieu with no rue. Yes, there is an end to everything. All that remains is memories. IIM Trichy, you will be missed!

With people planning trips every other day, loitering in the campus round the clock, carefree mind, and generous smiles, I can sense that it is the beginning of the end. Of late, the aura of the campus has changed, with people starting being friendly a little more and rival a little less. Not long back in farewell, we witnessed a party where, more than dancing and enjoying, people were seen hugging and crying. We just spoke our heart out in a flurry of emotions. That was beyond beautiful.

Batch mates, and juniors – Just too many heartening moments – an ocean of emotions to cherish for a lifetime.

As I look back today, I feel every bit of this life at IIM Trichy was worth it. No matter how hard it has been at times, I whole-heartedly treasure this roller-coaster ride. The last twenty months have gone by at such a fast pace that I sometimes feel that time indeed flies. And on this flight, I have witnessed the best, and the worst. I have been ecstatic at times, and I felt doomed on some other occasion. But today, I have no regrets, because, in the end, beautiful memories and invaluable experiences have swamped me. Now that we are about to bid adieu to IIM Trichy, it’s time to wrap things up on a lighter note. It’s time to express and confess.

IIM was a dream. A dream, that when realized, overwhelmed the dreamer himself.
It was a surreal feeling. Indeed.
As I entered the campus, I felt a gust of confidence and vigor. I was spirited to conquer the IIM rigor.
But soon, the balloon deflated. I felt crushed under the weight of extreme rigor.
But then, things changed gradually, or rather, I adapted to this culture.

We changed with the change and made the change look like nothing changed.
From sleepless nights of term-1 to frequent rides of term-6, we have come a long way.
And now, we are about to leave this campus, ready to fly again, oozing with confidence, ready to conquer again.
Is it just my story? Probably not!
Today, when I see me through these months, it feels as though a perfect script has been materialized.

Late-night pre-reads to 8:30 AM classes, clubs and committees’ selections to CR005 sessions, war-like competition in sports and cultural fests to incredible camaraderie beyond that, mid-night loiterings to canteen offerings, placement hustles to rare tussles, unplanned trips to random treats, poha party to dal waafle delicacy. Everything. So mundane then, and surprisingly special now. And in between this, everything has changed. Strangers once, are now close friends, and sophisticated greetings have changed to blatant insults.
Indeed, memories have been made.

I will badly miss this grandeur campus. Literally badly, for all the little things – gatherings in mess, loitering at the lake, banging the doors on the floor just to ensure that everyone reaches the class, rush from hostel to academic block in the weirdest of dresses, late-night presentations made with anger for free riders, fear of facing PGP office that loves taking the case of anyone just like that. All of a sudden, in the last few days, these things are hitting me hard. It’s a strange feeling.

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While an MBA is generally a rat-race, the calmness of this place has allowed me to be compassionate and bonded with myself. The late-night strolls, and the lakeside ‘my time’ has always rejuvenated and kept me going through this hustle and bustle. But it is not the only thing to cherish. The competitive yet friendly people have made this journey all the more beautiful. We have built a great camaraderie, thanks to the never-ending sports and cultural events that have brought us together, sometimes through unity for the section or team, and healthy competition on different occasions. Especially Kurukshetra, Sanskriti, and ITCL have been etched on my memory for the kind of fun and bonding agents these events have proved to be.

And the Media Relations Committee – probably, the best thing that happened to me at IIM Trichy. Writing keeps me sane, and MRC just facilitated that. I cherished every bit of it. Falling short of words now, but all I am feeling is grateful.

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And to the people who stuck with me despite me being a tough person throwing tantrums every now and then, who always let me express myself, and who accepted me the way I am – a little naive, and somewhat blunt, no thank-you! It’s been too long… too long… I have been putting up with you. But yeah, I love you! 😛

I also realize that knowingly or unknowingly, I have hurt a few people – sometimes through my expression, and the lack of it on other occasions. I hear that we should always express ourselves, but sometimes I just feel it’s better to let go as there is no point in draining yourself emotionally. Not everyone can feel for you the way you do for them, and that’s completely okay. So, for my caustic remarks, or hurting silence – I just want to say ‘Sorry.’ All I know is that my heart has always been in the right direction, and I am at peace with that. I wish enough strength for us to let bygones be bygones. Hopefully, we will meet again outside the IIM Trichy campus with warm hugs recollecting beautiful memories.

Till then, let’s savour the last leg of this beautiful journey by wearing our heart on our sleeve and living to the fullest every single moment cherishing beautiful emotions and letting go of the painful ones.

It’s not Goodbye, but until next time!

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