If I only tell you my point of view on this aspect of the CAT preparation, you might find my answer superficial. So, I will share with you one personal experience.

How I started this blog:

I love to write, and writing is something that is a solace to my soul. I have been writing for quite some time on my free blog, which is very easy.

When I started writing on Quora around two months back, I saw many aspirants approaching me to guide them in their CAT preparation. Some of the queries are asked frequently.

And I felt the need to have all the answers consolidated at one platform. So, the idea of creating a fully-fledged website only to answer the queries of CAT aspirants struck my mind. I also felt that if I make one professional website, it will offer me a great learning curve as well. Consequently, I started learning about website creation.

I googled a lot about different ways of creating a website, chose one, and moved on. This way, I got one website. Then, I needed to organize the website. And being a beginner, this has been an uphill task for me. Fortunately, I have a friend who is a little more experienced in this field. So, I reached out to him, and he gave me some direction to go ahead.

Challenges I faced:

From there on, I have been working on my website on my own. And trust me, it is not that easy. To get one functionality up and running on my website, I have to do a lot of google searches and watch several videos on YouTube. It gets frustrating at times. I have been working on this project for the last two weeks. For the last ten days, I have been working for more than 8 hours every day on that website.

When I started, I was clueless as to how to start and what to do first. In the initial few days, the look of the website was just horrible. But then I just kept working on it, looking at several videos and improving it a little every day. Some things worked, and some didn’t. Some videos were useful, and some were not. I just kept implementing the learnings from the good videos. The improvement was incremental but satisfactory. So, I got my hands dirty, and now, I have a fair idea of the website creation.

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In these ten days, my understanding and intuition in this field have improved. And a little direction from my friend helped me a lot in moving ahead. I finally made my website live yesterday. Even now, I keep finding some shortcomings in that. Once I discover any shortcomings, I learn ways to rectify it using google and Youtube.


It is not that I know website designing well now, but I have got some direction and have developed a taste for it. Once I used to be afraid of this website creation, and now I am obsessed with it, so much so that I keep thinking about one aspect of it or the other all the time. Yes, it has been a very satisfactory experience. It has been a painstaking yet beautiful journey so far. If you doubt my words, you can see the result of this effort which is this blog that you are reading currently.

But, What is that I am trying to explain with this experience?

I am trying to explain that-

When you start something new, when you see that something is your weak link or something that is not your forte, you need to invest a lot of time in that. Initially, you won’t see the light. You won’t see any improvement in just a few days or a few months, but a consistent effort over a period will fetch you some beautiful results.

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In any new project that you work on, the initial few days or few months are required only to find the right way and the right direction. Initially, you will do something and discover that it is not working for you, then you will try a different method which you might find efficient, and then you start following it consistently to get the desired results.

I am stuck in the CAT preparation. What should I do?

In this whole story, the word ‘patience’ is of the essence.

You need to forgive yourself for your faults and mistakes and keep on learning with patience. You need to give yourself sufficient time to do mistakes and learn from them. Those who want instant results, I feel, they do injustice to themselves.

Many people say that they are weak in maths because they studied maths only till class 10, and the next statement they make is that they have started preparation now and are aiming at CAT 2020 with only six months left for it. I feel this is wrong. You are doing a gross injustice to yourself by putting undue pressure on yourself and by over-burdening yourself.

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This is one of the reasons why people feel that CAT preparation is tough, while in reality, it is not tough. It just needs a consistent effort with patience, persistence, and perseverance. If you are weak in the subject, you need to be patient and give time to it. By continuous practice, you can covert your weakness into a strength.

What should you do now?

So, if you are finding the CAT topics and questions difficult, look for the concepts and solutions, and understand them. If you are not able to understand the solution also, it means that you lack in basics. In that case, pick up any basic book and start the topic from scratch. It will take time, but gradually, you will be able to see the light. This is how learning happens.

Every single word that I am saying is from my experience only. I hope I have been able to explain to you my point.

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