The new IIMs are growing at a very fast pace. It can be witnessed from the fact that they are now being compared to some decades-old private institutes like SIBM Pune, NMIMS Mumbai, SCMHRD, IIT D, among many others. And the growth has not been just in terms of the placement statistics but the overall learning experience of the students. However, having graduated from IIM Trichy, I feel, it is not all rosy inside an IIM. In this article, I am enlisting some of the disadvantages of the new IIMs, which I have experienced.

  1. Second-gen IIMs and new IIMs have a lower alumni base. There is no direct disadvantage of it, but a big alumni base helps you switch jobs relatively easier.
  2. If you expect an average package of 25 LPA from the new IIMs, you might end up feeling bad. The average package at these IIMs is generally around 15 LPA. The IIM average package comparison of old and new IIMs is not justified also.
  3. Some of the new IIMs do not have their permanent campus. I feel this is one real disadvantage because I think the campus is a must in a residential program to get the most out of the campus.
  4. Some of the big companies visit a campus which is at least ten years old. In such a case, new IIMs miss out on a few big names. However, all the new IIMs are almost ten years old now. So, this situation should change.
  5. The biggest disadvantage can be the expectation mismatch. If you expect new IIMs to be comparable to the old IIMs, you would be cheating yourself. I am not saying that new IIMs lack quality, but what I am saying is that they are not as old as old IIMs which are touted as relatively bigger brands now.
  6. This last point is especially for the people with a work-ex of 4+ years. If you join any new IIMs, join these for the sake of learning and not just placement. With 4+ years of work-ex, you might be expecting a package of 20+ LPA from IIMs. If this is the case, you might end up feeling disappointed with the new IIMs.

Though I have enlisted some of the disadvantages of the new IIMs, I am very optimistic about their future. I feel, in the coming years, some of the new IIMs will get ahead in the race and compete with some of the old IIMs.

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