Dear reader, you might get disappointed because I am not talking about the IIM average package at old IIMs and new IIMs directly. If you want to read the direct answer, scroll down to the red font coloured part. However, I feel you should read this whole answer. It might help you gain a perspective.

Firstly, I feel this comparison is not appropriate. It is because the old IIMs have been there for ages while the new IIMs are hardly ten years old. By doing such a comparison, you tend to conclude that new IIMs are bad, which is not the case. It is just that they are in the growth phase, and they are growing quite well. In the next ten years, I believe you will see them reaching heights.

Having said that, as of today, you should always prefer old IIMs if you get an opportunity. Needless to say that they are better than the new IIMs in every aspect.

The new IIMs are the best for those who have an average profile and want to pursue their dream of studying in an IIM. And I feel you won’t get disappointed. The new IIMs are relatively easier to get into today. However, a few years down the line, given their growth rate, I feel you will have to face the fierce competition in these IIMs as well.

Now, coming to the direct answer to the IIM average package,

As of today, the average packages in old IIMs are in the range of 20 LPA and 25 LPA, while in new IIMs, it is in the range of 12 LPA and 16 LPA.

I also read in some of the answers that these numbers are inflated. I feel ‘inflated’ is not the right word to use, but yes, the various components of the CTC are not highlighted by the colleges, which lead to such a perception. If they specify the various components of the CTC, you will get a clear picture of the average in-hand salary.

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