When you think, “Which is better – IIM Ranchi or IIM Trichy?” you might also be thinking, “If I should join a second-gen IIM this year or should try for BLACKI next year?”

So, I will share my view on the latter question first.

I feel you should give another shot at CAT when

  1. Your academic scores are above average (10: >85, 12: > 85, Grad: > 80).
  2. Your current work ex is at max three years.
  3. You have the motivation to study consistently for the next attempt and are confident of scoring 99+ percentile.

Though there are some disadvantages of the new IIMs, if you feel that you have an average profile or you are running out of motivation to slog for months again, second-gen IIMs are a great choice. 

Now, coming to the original question, “Which is better – IIM Ranchi or IIM Trichy?”

I would say that it is a very tough question for me. IIM Trichy vs IIM Ranchi has been a perennial debate.

You read it right. Between IIM Trichy and IIM Ranchi, which one is better, is a perennial debate where individuals from respective b-schools claim their institute to be a better one. I am also tempted to do the same, but now, at this moment, your career is more important than my temptation. So, in this answer, I want to be as objective as I can. Even then, I say to you, take my words with a pinch of salt because, at the end of the day, my alma mater remains IIM Trichy.

In general, the common factors that help us decide which college to join are as follows.

These are:

1. Placement
2. Faculty
3. Infrastructure
4. Location
5. Perception
6. Industry Connect

However, everyone, including me, first of all, looks at the average placement. 😛

So here it is, the average placement of the last two batches of IIM Ranchi and IIM Trichy. Let me tell you this will only exacerbate your confusion because both the institutes have more or less similar statistics. If you still want to compare on this aspect, you can look at the companies visiting both the IIMs. 

Which is better - IIM Ranchi or IIM Trichy

As far as the other factors are considered, both the institutes fare almost the same, except for the campus in which IIM Trichy leads, for it has a beautiful campus, and anyone would agree to that.

Then, how to decide which one to join?

Let me tell you how most of the people decide.

Between Trichy and Ranchi, people generally conclude by considering two factors.

1. Location

2. Campus

Location wise, both the colleges have an advantage. While IIM Ranchi is close to XLRI Jamshedpur, which gives it an advantage in the sense that some companies that visit XLRI visit Ranchi also, IIM Trichy gets the advantage of being in proximity to Bangalore and Chennai where most of the companies have their presence. Generally, people join the one which is closer to their home town. 😛

Regarding the campus, those who have a special fascination for a permanent campus after seeing the pictures of the beautiful campuses like old IIMs, join IIM Trichy.

I joined Trichy for two reasons:

1. Permanent campus with single occupancy hostel rooms.

2. I had never been to the south before, so wanted to explore it.

You might be wondering why I am not mentioning IIM Trichy as the Finance campus. Though people with inclination towards Finance prefer to join IIM T, I don’t feel it is ‘only’ the Finance campus. Students from all the domains get opportunities, be it in academics or placements. If I talk about myself, I did my majors in Marketing and Operations. And I got placed in ONGC as a marketing executive.

My final words: Both the colleges are equally good, and I don’t feel you will regret joining any of them.

And irrespective of the college you join,

“In this odyssey of two years, you will go through the highs, the lows, and the blows. But there is this one thing – you will cherish every single bit of it in the years to come.”

If you have any query, feel free to reach out to me.
You can expect a reply within 24 hours.

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