There is a gamut of GYAN available on the internet regarding the strategy for the CAT exam. Everyone says that CAT is one exam in which a proper strategy and time management is very important. And then, there are so many tips and tactics available on the online platforms to ace each section of the CAT exam.

Aspirants come across all sorts of strategies. Most of them understand the strategies they should follow to ace the CAT exam.

But even then, not everyone manages to get through. Why?

Despite the availability of all the material and strategies, why do students fail in the CAT exam?

I agree that strategy and time management are a must. Without that, getting through the CAT exam is not possible. But I feel that alone is not sufficient. Besides the mental faculty, psychological faculty is equally important to ace this exam. I have realized that many students fail not because they lack intelligence, but because they lack psychological strength. They lack the hunger required to keep going when the wind is against them. On the psychological front, I feel many aspirants fail because:

  1. They do not start with WHY: CAT is one exam, in which more than talent, intent matters. It is one exam in which more than intelligence, patience, and perseverance matters. Many aspirants toil hard to get through this exam, but not all of them toil hard for a sustained period. That’s why many people fail to unleash their true potential in this exam. And to persevere for a sustained period, one should have a strong reason to pursue CAT in the first place so that when motivation dies out, that reason stops him/her from giving up.
  2. Lack of self-confidence: A lot many people say, I am weak at maths, so I just can’t score well. There are so many IITians in my coaching who solve the questions in no time, and I always struggle even to find the approach. This inferiority complex does not let people try their best. The point is: those who are getting answers are getting it because they have done a lot of practice. If you practice well, you can solve the sums as well. Aren’t there students from commerce and arts background who crack the CAT exam? If they can, why can’t you? So stop belittling yourself, practice well. You can succeed.
  3. More planning, less execution: And then some aspirants always keep on planning, but they never execute their plans. They get stuck in the paralysis of analysis. So, don’t think too much. Just start preparing. With time, you will understand what corrections you have to make in your approach.
  4. Fear of a particular section: Some people feel that they are very weak in one section, so much so that they are afraid to study that section, but friend, if you score 99 percentile but fail to clear the cut-off of any section, that 99 percentile is a waste. So, embrace your weak areas and work on them with the help of your faculty and peers. Learn to sail against the wind.
  5. Fear of mocks: Many aspirants do not take mocks because they feel they are not well prepared to take a mock test. The fact is that you can never be fully prepared to take a mock. You have to take it once you feel you are 50–60 % prepared. The remaining preparation will happen through mocks and their analysis only. Trust me, no matter how many books you read, they can not prepare you the way mocks can prepare you. So, don’t be afraid of mocks. Don’t be afraid of a bad score in a mock test. Treat it as a means to improve your weak areas.

“My dreams and desires are more powerful than the obstacles on the way. So, come what may, I will work hard and not give up. Have this attitude, and embrace this CAT challenge.”

All the best!

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