The backdrop of the campus placement:

The common perception is that life becomes easy once you get into the IIM. People feel that the campus placement in an IIM is a cakewalk. But in reality, it is not. No matter which IIM you study in, the campus placement process can leave you down in the dumps. It was when I went through a mental turmoil for months that I realized that the campus placement can also push you to the breaking point. It literally exhausted me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

To help you understand my view, in this article, I am sharing my campus placement journey that lasted for two months and a half.

My campus placement journey: The failure spree

The campus placement season started in November. In the following table, I have mentioned the companies that I participated in and the outcome of those. 

campus placement
It had been quite some time since the placement session began, and I couldn’t get placed, though I got around 13 shortlists as I have mentioned above. This set in negativity all around. I felt depressed and down in the dumps. By that time, many people had got placed. It was a very bad feeling. There were a few days when I didn’t feel like getting up from my bed. I was tired of wearing that formal dress every day only to get rejected eventually. It was frustrating because I was not able to understand where I was going wrong.

I had prepared my resume well and brushed up the important concepts of my domain. I was very confident in all my interviews and my profile was also reasonably good. At the same time, many students who had barely managed to survive the MBA rigour got placed. The worst thing was that people started feeling pity for me. It felt very bad. I started doubting my abilities. It was a very tough time for me – mentally and emotionally. But I didn’t lose all the hope.

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 A ray of hope: Accenture

Accenture visited our campus the very next day, I was down but not out. I managed to pick myself up. I dressed up and walked that street from hostel to the placement office again.

In the process of Accenture, there were five interview rounds, i.e. three technical and two HR.

I had worked with Accenture before. So, I used my experience and answered their questions convincingly. This helped me and I could survive all the five interviews that lasted for more than an hour.

Verdict: Selected

I felt relieved but I was not very happy because I did not want to go back to the place that I left. But that’s how life is. I embraced it.

But that was not the end of the story!

After some time, ONGC visited our campus. It was a dream company and everyone applied for it. I applied and I was shortlisted for the interview. The interview lasted for around 30–35 minutes, and I got selected in it. My ONGC interview experience has been one of the best experience I have ever had. It was one of those light conversations where I could speak my heart out.


From this whole campus placement experience, I have learned –

  1. In the campus placement, besides your capabilities, luck matters significantly.
  2. If you get rejected in campus placement, it is not always that you lack in skill. It can be because of the fit as well. Maybe, you are not a fit for the role or the company culture. So, don’t doubt your abilities because of rejections.
  3. Campus placement can be physically, mentally, and emotionally tiring. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to convert their first shortlist. So, we should always be ready for it.
  4. Campus placement is more about confidence and body language than it is about domain knowledge.
    It is very important to stay away from negative people during this entire process. They can do more harm to you than the rejections. Whenever you feel depressed, do self-talk, walk alone and introspect, listen to motivational videos, and back the abilities that brought you to this point. It is just a matter of hanging in there. Don’t quit. Believe in the process. There is always a better tomorrow waiting for us. 🙂
  5. Finally, our failures should not dishearten us and break us. Failures make us strong and resilient. We might fail at something, but that teaches us some lessons for a lifetime. Period.

campus placementDon’t be afraid of failures. No great success is ever achieved without sheer trials and tribulations. Just keep moving ahead, obstacles will be left behind.

After all, More than what you achieve, how you achieve it, matters!

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