A Quora user asked a question, “What are the positions of responsibility you held in IIM, and how did it help you evolve?” And now, as I think about answering this question, I feel very happy and content, remembering my days at IIM Trichy. Those 20 months have been a memory for a lifetime.


As it happens with most of us, we often remain confused as to what we want to do. I am just another example of it. On most of the occasions, I have not seen myself very sure about going after something.

In May and June, when we get our results, and we know that we will be in an IIM in the next few days, we start doing research about the college and the opportunities there. I also did a little bit of research. So, when I came to know about the roles and responsibilities of the Media PR cell of an institute, surprisingly, I was very sure that I would love to be a part of it.

The main reason behind my penchant for the Media Relations Committee was my deep love for writing and the front-end jobs. I love interacting with people. I realized that as a part of the MRC, I would get many opportunities to write and interact.

Hence, I applied for the MRC selection at IIM Trichy. Thanks to my blog that gave me an edge again. I mentioned my blog and proposed the student blog of IIM Trichy as a new initiative. I showed them my writings, and eventually got selected.

My roles and responsibilities as a part of the MRC:

I will cherish my stint with MRC for a lifetime, because, for me, it was like pursuing my passion as a profession. I enjoyed every single day and worked with utmost dedication.

As a part of the MRC, I carried out the following responsibilities.

  1. Drafted Press Releases of IIM T.
  2. Designed the student blog of IIM T (Unfortunately, it has been put on the back seat now).
  3. Handled social media platforms of IIM T.
  4. Managed several events of the institute.
  5. Conducted city meets for the IIM T aspirants in Mumbai and Pune.
  6. Helped thousands of aspirants with their queries about the admission process and IIM Trichy.

How did it help me evolve?

I carried out my work with passion and worked for the committee on priority. Maybe because I loved my job, it has helped me evolve by leaps and bounds.

  1. Confidence: My job allowed me to interact with multiple internal and external stakeholders, be it the director, the faculty, news personnel, or some other big shots. It has made me more confident.
  2. Network: It is said, “Network is your net-worth.” MRC allowed me to enhance my network profoundly. I can say that there is no student on campus, my batchmate or juniors, who do not know me. I have always been a cordial person. And this role only helped me build a strong relationship with others. As a result, I always feel comfortable in helping others and seeking help from others.
  3. People-manager: When you interact with many personalities from different walks of life, you get to know a lot about different people. You learn how you should deal with them. There have been times when people heaped praise on us, and on a different occasion, they lashed out at us. And so, I feel more comfortable dealing with people now. MRC has made me a better people-person.
  4. Passion and Optimism: MRC has played a significant role in making my life at IIMT worthwhile by infusing passion in me to work for the betterment of the institute. So, It won’t take me by surprise if any of my batchmates calls me more interested and passionate about MRC than about my studies. And for my institute that has been growing at a prodigious rate, I am very optimistic about it reaching heights a few years down the line.
  5. Communication: MRC has made me a better communicator, thanks to the multiple opportunities of managing events that it has offered to me.

Trust me, all the traits that I have underlined are of utmost importance in the corporate world.

Lastly, in pictures, the best moments of being a part of the MRC:

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