Being a non-IITian, non-NITian, and an engineering graduate from a tier-3 college with a score of 68.94 %, I feel you will be able to trust the words of this average student.

I have never been very inclined towards academics. I am also not intellectually sound. When I got into IIM Trichy, I became a peer of students from the top colleges like IITs and NITs. There were CAs as well. In classes, some of them were very active. They used to ask many questions during the class discussion. Some of them also aced the exam. So, being an average student, ideally, I should have had an inferiority complex. But It is far from the truth. I don’t remember a moment at IIM when I had an inferiority complex.

How did that happen?

It happened because I did not compare myself with them. Instead, I tried to gain a thing or two from them. I had my areas of interest, and I focussed on those, and that kept me going. In my MBA, I scored only 66.75%, but I have no regrets. See what we need to understand is that everyone is special in some way or the other. Some things were very easy for them and tough for me. So, I learned a few things from them. Some were very helpful, while others were not so helpful. So, I learned a lot from the former ones. In the same way, there were certain other things that I was good at, and I helped others with those. Teamwork is of utmost importance.

I find front-end jobs interesting. I love public speaking and doing presentations. So, I would often do that. I love writing, and I would often help people in their writing work by doing editing and proofreading. I love meeting new people and interacting with them. The Media Relations Committee fascinated me, so I tried my best to become a part of it, and I succeeded. In that capacity, I managed several events and got an opportunity to interact with various internal and external stakeholders, be it the director, faculty, news personnel, and other external stakeholders. This boosted my confidence and helped me nurture my management skills. During the admission time of the 2019–21 batch, we helped thousands of aspirants with their queries related to the admission process and IIM Trichy. I just loved my role and carried out my responsibilities with sheer dedication.

So, I kept myself busy and kept learning. I was friendly and had many friends there, and most of them were always ready to help. Most importantly, I was willing to work hard and persevere, and that helped me a lot. This positive attitude is important.

To sum up, though I have been an average student, I have had the time of my life at IIM Trichy. I will cherish every single bit of it for the rest of my life.

The bottom line is that we should not belittle ourselves. We have got into an IIM because we deserved it. So, we should have a positive mindset. There is a lot to learn there. We just need to be proactive and have a willingness to learn.

average student

Be exuberant and spread positivity. You will never feel bad about being an average student in terms of academics.

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