I have been writing about the CAT exam and MBA for the last few months. In all these months, I have seen one common thing in the aspirants – a constant quest for knowing more about the b-schools. And so, I have started reaching out to my connections from different b-schools to request them to share more information about their institute on The CAT Talk. I feel it will help aspirants remain updated and can help them make an informed decision about their choice of b-school as and when needed.

Recently, I reached out to Amar, a current student of SJMSOM, Bombay. He scored 99.67 percentile in CAT 2018, and joined SJMSOM, Bombay, and having a great time there now. Being my junior for a few days at IIM Trichy, I know Amar as a very mature person. When I told him about “The CAT Talk,” he was happy to share his experience on this platform. 

So, let’s see what he has to say about his choice to prefer SJMSOM, Bombay to other MBA colleges.

I chose SJMSOM, IIT Bombay because of the following reasons.


I think the placement is the primary reason for most of us to join a b-school. We all agree that most of the students who pursue an MBA want a good placement in a reputed company, and the SJMSOM placement record has been phenomenal in recent years. The average placement of SJMSOM is around 21 Lakhs.

Small Batch Size: 

SJMSOM, IIT Bombay has a batch size of 110 students (now, it has been increased to 152). I feel having a small batch size has an advantage as we get to network well with others in our batch. I can say that I know everyone personally from our batch.


SJMSOM has one of the best ROIs in the country. Our course fee is around ten lakhs for two years, and an average placement of the batch is around 21 lakhs.


SJMSOM, IIT Bombay is one of the leading B-schools in India. NIRF ranking of IIT Bombay is 11. And this was also one of the points I considered for choosing the college.


I feel location matters, and as IIT Bombay is located in the financial capital of the country (i.e. Mumbai), it definitely has the location advantage as compared to other colleges in the country (Many people may disagree on this point).


Networking is one of the essential factors in any MBA graduate life. And SJMSOM has a rich alumni base spread across a variety of industries. The icing on the cake is that we not only get to interact with SJMSOM alumni but also IIT Bombay alumni which I feel is really beneficial.

Interaction with others:

If you are at IIT Bombay, you interact with not only SJMSOM students but also students from B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D., Design, etc. and therefore you get the hang of diverse field which helps you a lot, also you make a lot of friends from diverse fields. Don’t miss the fact that you also get to interact with the brightest mind of the country.


If you feel you have a million-dollar idea and you want to open a company, then IIT Bombay is the right place. We have SINE(Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), e-cell, e-club(SJMSOM) who helps you to build your start-ups and also helps in finding and meeting with potential investors.

Campus life and Infrastructure: 

People say that “Mumbai is the city that never sleeps,” and this phrase goes with IIT Bombay too. You will see students doing different activities throughout the day. With a lush green campus of over 500 acres, you can never complain about the campus life of IIT Bombay. Lake, hills, gym, Olympic size swimming pool, sports ground, cafes, restaurants, auditoriums, yoga rooms, indoor sports facilities, seminar rooms, technology centers – you name it, and we have it. Moreover, you also get to organize Mood Indigo(India’s largest cultural fest), TechFest, and E-Summit.

Aspirants often ask me why I chose IIT Bombay after getting a high percentile. I would like to say that getting a high percentile does not guarantee you a seat in the top IIMs. Every MBA college in India has different criteria for selection, which includes past academic records, diversity factor (gender as well as academic), extracurricular activities, work experience, etc. And we should also remember that CAT is just an exam to filter out good students, and your selection depends upon a lot of other factors (mentioned above).

Lastly, I would like to say that rejections should not dishearten us and I always believe that I cannot change my past, nobody can, because it is not in our hands, but we should work hard for our future to be good.

Here are some of the pictures of my one-year stay at IIT Bombay:

Campus view from my room

Met with one of my favourite comedians, Kumar Varun


Avenues( SJMSOM Fest)


Also worked as the coordinator of India’s largest Cultural fest Mood Indigo.


Mood Indigo(one should really attend the event once in his/her lifetime)


When B. tech guys meet with MBA guys 🙂


E-Summit workshop


Mumbai is love 🙂

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