I wrote this article in 2017 during my CAT preparation when I was going through a rough patch, and was feeling dejected. This article is not about CAT or IIM, but you can relate to it. And maybe, you need to know this.

Quite often, we hear people cursing their life for all that does not go their way. More often than not, we attribute our ineptitude to our circumstances and if not this, we end up assuming the fault in our stars.

But Does it really serve any purpose?
Is it going to make things fall in place for us?

Not really!

Life is not going to be as we wish it to be. It should neither be.
Why should it be?

Do you enjoy competing with weak opposition?

No, because you find the one-sided game boring. You need some difficulties, some twists, and turns, and certain nail-biting stuff to make things interesting, right?

Then why do you wish your life to be a cinch?
Why do you keep whining about it all the time?

Stop whining and for once, change the way you look at your life, your life will be changed.

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Life won't change unless you change

Be a realist. Stop being a mere spectator. Get out in the middle and play the game of life. Grapple with situations, get knocked down, learn and take a leap. This is really really enthralling. Your life is not lived if you don’t go through this.

Life is not a cakewalk, and that’s a fait accompli. There will be times when you are battered bitterly. But you must not say no. Doesn’t matter you Lose or win, just never let yourself give in. At times, it’s really important to rein in our emotions. Amidst looming hopelessness all around, don’t let the inner hope douse. Get yourself together and hope against hope.

You know why?

Because miracles happen miraculously. Things fall in place all at once when you least expect. Literally, when you grapple earnestly and relentlessly, miracles happen profoundly. Everything happens for a reason. The lows are important for us to be able to worth the highs.

What will you cherish in retrospection if you don’t come through any friction?

In the odyssey of life, you will witness the things that would frighten you even in your wildest dreams. Turbulence will be dominant. You will be knocked down to your knees, people will strip you of your dignity, the very people who mean the world to you will hurt you, will lie to you and may even leave you stranded and you have got to let them go because although it’s hard to let go, it’s even harder to hold on to the dead broken pieces. It’s miserable, but it is what it is.

And you know why this all transpires?

Because, to become invincible, setbacks are inevitable. Moreover, we feel the sheer ecstasy only when you come through umpteen failures, brutal heartaches and sheer struggles for, what defines us is not where we are but how we have reached there.

When you are let down, you begin to treasure every little thing that makes you happy which is overarching to live life to the fullest. Sufferings are, in a true sense, blessings in disguise. They make us humble and sensitive from within. It’s imperative to feel blue and still keep the chin up and keep going, looking for ways to be happy. After all, life is not about being haves, it’s about what it makes of you in the pursuit. The more you endure, the stronger a force you become.

And the fact is, life is lived through tough times, good times just pass by.

You grow when you burn your boats leaving yourself with the only choice… swim or sink. This is when you actually start living your life. This is when miracles start happening.

So, don’t walk away from life by condemning it, rather make efforts to steer through its ebb and flow.

Embrace life to hail life!

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