These days many CAT aspirants have been asking me about the resources to access solved topic-wise practice questions and CAT previous year papers for practice. Unfortunately, I don’t have those so I can’t help them with that.

During my preparation, I was a part of some peer-learning groups. There I used to get all types of questions from previous years, and I had also purchased the face2face book to solve CAT previous year papers. So, I did not have to go through much confusion.

However, after talking to many aspirants, I have felt that many of them get confused because of the plethora of choices available online, that get them stuck in the paralysis of analysis. Hence, I feel there is a need to help them clear their confusion.

So, I decided to enlist a few free resources in this article that I feel can help aspirants conveniently access the question banks.

cat previous year papers

As said, there are many websites on which question papers are available, but I will not be sharing all those resources in this blog post. It is because I want to recommend only those sources that I used during my CAT preparation and found helpful. Having said that, I can vouch for the credibility of the following two platforms.

  1. 2IIM
  2. iQuanta

Both these online platforms are very helpful and can give a boost to your CAT preparation. And the question papers on their websites are available for free.

2iim CAT previous year papers:

2iim, an online CAT coaching, spearheaded by Rajesh Sir, has provided the solved question papers of the past three years (2019,2018, and 2017) on their website. If you want to go through the whole question paper, you can go through it. 

They have also provided topic-wise questions. However, I am not sure if those questions are from previous year CAT papers or not.

iQuanta CAT previous year papers:

I am a big fan of iQuanta, an online learning platform owned by Indrajeet Singh. I especially like their free peer-learning group that has around 3-lakh CAT aspirants. I have been following iQuanta since 2017. So I can vouch for its credibility in terms of the quality of the material and practice sessions.

Recently, they have uploaded fully solved previous year question papers of the CAT exam of the last 20 years (2000-2019) on their website.

I visited their portal and found it very useful for the following reasons.

  1. They have provided the past 19 year CAT papers from the year 2000 to 2019.
  2. Topic-wise quizzes from the previous year CAT questions.
  3. Previous year papers of TISS, XAT, SNAP, IIFT, and CMAT.
  4. Other topic-wise and mixed CAT-level practice questions by the name of iConcept.

iquanta papers

I think iQuanta’s page of past CAT papers is a little more sophisticated and user-friendly as compared to the 2iim portal because it has been developed recently, and also has solved papers of past 20 years as compared to 2IIM that has solved papers of only three years. So, you can practice umpteen number of questions there. And that too, for free.

Final words:

I feel iQuanta should suffice for the topic-wise practice of CAT questions and previous year CAT papers as they have provided papers of the past 20 years. And 2IIM can also be used if you don’t feel satisfied with iQuanta. Besides these two platforms, I think you won’t feel the need to resort to any other platform for your practice of topic-wise questions and previous year question papers. So make the most of these platforms. And yes, if possible, share your experience on these portals with me. Your reviews will help me help other aspirants.

Link to the free CAT solved previous year papers:



Previous year questions link:

Peer-learning Facebook group:


Previous year questions link:

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