And here we are, in the last leg of this marathon. With CAT just four months away, I am sure you guys have very well warmed up with all the basics and have started taking mocks. Many of you might be getting disappointed also by your abysmally low score in mocks, even after months of preparation, and might even be doubting your CAT preparation strategy. But I feel you need not worry. It is something almost everyone goes through. I have been witnessing this for the last three years. It is a kind of script of the movie that remains the same no matter how many times you have watched the movie.

In the last few days, many aspirants have messaged me to ask what CAT preparation strategy they should follow in these last four months. So in this article, based on my experience, I will share what you should do in these last four months.

CAT preparation strategy for the last four months

The premise of the following recommendations is that you have covered your basics and have started taking mocks. And if it is true,

Do the following in the remaining four months:

  1. Take at least one full-length mock every week, preferably on weekends.
  2. Take as many sectional mocks as you can.
  3. Do not go for the second mock (both sectional and full-length) without completing the analysis of the first full-length mock.
  4. On weekdays, work on converting your weak areas into strong areas. You will know your weak areas by analyzing the mocks properly.
  5. Practise previous year AIMCATs/SIMCATs/CAT Papers.
  6. Practise Mixed questions instead of topic-wise questions.
  7. Try non-traditional methods for solving quant questions and LRDI calculations like value substitution, elimination, and approximation.
  8. Whenever you feel exhausted, take a break from preparation, maybe of a day or two.

Why should I take a mock every weekend?

  1. Get the feel of the actual CAT exam.
  2. Build stamina so that you don’t feel fatigued while taking the three-hour mock.
  3. Learn to focus for three hours consistently.
  4. Find the right strategy for the CAT exam by trying many approaches in the mocks.
  5. Identify your weak areas and strong areas so that you focus on solving questions from your strong areas first in the mocks as well as in the CAT exam.

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Why solving mixed questions is necessary?

Generally, students find questions easy when they solve topic-wise problems. It is because their mind focuses on that particular topic only, but when they get mixed problems, they struggle to find the approach of the solution. Also, many questions in the CAT exam require the application of concepts from multiple topics. So, you must solve mixed problems. It will make your mind flexible to think about the application of concepts from multiple topics to solve a question.

How do elimination, value substitution, and approximation help?

A few questions in the CAT exam can be solved only by looking at options, or by substituting a few values. It can help you gain speed that can improve your performance. Similarly, by approximate calculations, you can save a lot of time in LRDI. However, all these methods require a lot of practice. So, practise them now while solving mixed questions and mocks.

And yes, in these four months, you might face the heat of the competition at times. Sometimes, preparation can be taxing. In such times, you must take a small break, rejuvenate yourself, and get back to your business with the restored energy. It is completely okay to take a break, but never quit 🙂

I hope this CAT preparation strategy in these last four months works for you the way it did for me.

Links to some of the helpful resources and section-wise preparation strategies:

  1. Mixed Questions Practice
  2. Topic-Wise Previous Year CAT Papers
  3. Mock Strategy
  4. Mock Analysis
  5. VARC Preparation Strategy
  6. LRDI Preparation Strategy
  7. Quant Preparation Strategy
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