The decision of joining CAT coaching is a subjective one. The answer to this can vary from person to person.

But yes, from my experience, I can tell you a few steps that you should follow to decide for yourself.

CAT Coaching

Don’t jump the gun:

Oftentimes, aspirants just get swayed by the success stories of the CAT exam and the whopping packages of the IIM students. And so, they decide to prepare for the CAT exam without even knowing what it is all about. Consequently, all they look for is coaching to join so that they can succeed in this exam. Do you really think that any coaching can guarantee you success? If yes, you are living in a fool’s paradise. Coaching is just an aid. You will have to go through the pain of preparation on your own. So, if you get fascinated by the idea of the CAT exam, first research about it on various platforms like Google and Quora. Know the following.

  1. Eligibility Criteria
  2. Syllabus
  3. Various IIMs

Start taking baby steps:

Once you learn about the CAT exam and its syllabus, arrange the study material of any coaching institute and start taking baby steps. Start practising Quant, LRDI, and VARC a bit daily. Understand your comfort level with all the sections of the CAT exam. Do it for at least a month.

Take a decision for yourself:

If you are able to understand questions and solutions and if you are able to cover topics on your own, you may not need any professional coaching. In this era of online education, you can learn everything online for free. Use various CAT preparation groups on Facebook and Youtube and learn the concepts. However, if you feel completely stuck and have no idea how to learn, you may require coaching.

If I talk about myself, after preparing for the CAT exam, I don’t think the CAT exam requires any coaching. The syllabus is till class 10 and one can do it on his own. All that needed is patience, persistence, and perseverance. However, self-motivation and a reason to prepare is a must to keep going without the aid of any coaching. Otherwise, you may derail from your preparation.

In a nutshell,

Do not join any coaching without doing self-assessment for at least a month.

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