A short story:

Let me start with sharing a short anecdote – the journey of Aman and Naman.

Aman and Naman are both engineering graduates from tier-3 colleges. In the fourth year of their engineering, both of them got placed in reputed IT services MNCs with a package of around 3.5 LPA CTC.

When they joined their respective companies after their graduation, both of them had a hard time in their job.

Aman was getting trained in Analytics and had really long hours of training, sometimes as long as 14 hours a day. It was very hectic for him. On the other hand, Naman was getting trained in a programming language with a relatively lesser hectic schedule.

After a few months, while Aman kept going with his job, Naman found himself miserable and trapped in his job. You see, despite a hectic schedule and high workload, Aman sailed through the hard times. On the other hand, Naman found himself languishing in his job.

Do you know why it happened?

It so happened because Aman found his work interesting even though it was challenging. He got an opportunity to work on multiple interesting Analytics projects. So he kept learning things and enhancing his skills. As a result, he later managed to switch to a product based company, and today, he is earning 20+ LPA CTC.

But the same did not transpire with Naman. He did not find his work interesting, and so he was barely managing to survive in the company. However, Naman did one great thing. He recognized that a technical job was not for him quite early in his job, after around a year only. And so he was able to focus on identifying his interests. And he managed to roughly figure out things for himself. He later pursued an MBA and now working in the managerial role with gusto.

What’s that I am trying to convey with this story?


I am trying to say that you should not join any organization with a preconceived notion, especially when you are just starting your corporate journey. It is because what excites someone might leave you frustrated and vice-versa. So, do not listen to people bad-mouthing IT companies. Go with an open mind. Explore the work profile and see if it interests you. If yes, better your skills in that field. If no, find what floats your boat and try to develop skills accordingly. See, age is on your side, so make the most of your time and carve a career for yourself. But please do not let your soul languish in a job that does not give you a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment. If that ever happens, explore other avenues and run away from that job. And make sure you do that as early as possible, because the deeper you get into something, the harder it becomes to come out of it.

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