In this article, Sachin Agarwal, an MBA 2021-23 aspirant, has shared his interview experience of MDI Gurgaon. Hopefully, this article will help you know what is asked and expected in an MBA interview.

MDI PI for Batch 2021–23 | 24.2.2021 (Online mode)


CAT 2020: 95.08 %tile (85/98/89)

10th/12th/Grad: 8.6 CGPA/71%/88.8%

Grad Stream: B Com (Hons.) grad

Work Experience: 19 months at the time of PI

Interview Transcript:


MBA Interview Experience (MDI)

Two Panellists, both male, one in 50s and another in 40s.

Time: 12.15–12.30 PM

P1- (Ultra Chill)

1. Introduce Yourself

Gave them a prepared answer.

2. Which specialisation and why?

Told my order of preference and reasons with real life examples.

3. CAT Percentile


4. What all calls do you’ve apart from MDI?

CAP IIMs, IIM Rohtak and IMT Ghaziabad.

5. How many IIMs are there in CAP and what is your preference amongst them?

Answered (In retrospect, I feel this was a trap question).

6. Was CAT 2020 your First Attempt?

No and stated my percentile in the previous attempt.

7. What are your Hobbies?

Writing and Cooking.

8. What do write about and which type of a writer are you?

I like to write about whatever I feel like but mostly I write poems and quotes and I would categorise myself as a Mood writer.

9. What is the frequency at which you write and are you a reader too?

There is no fixed timeline that I follow, whenever I feel like, I do and I do write on platforms like Quora and LinkedIn and try to write twice in a month. I’m not an avid reader but, over the years I’ve realised that to be a good writer, one needs to be a reader too and I’m working on the same.

10. What are your Quora statistics?


11. So, you mentioned that you cook as well, What are the cuisines that you cook?

It is mostly Indian and Italian.

12. Name the Italian dishes that you’ve cooked till now?

Pizza, Pasta, Lasagna, Spaghetti and Risotto.

13. So, you find your passion for cooking during the pandemic like others?

No sir, My parents had to travel out of Delhi every month so, initially it was because of lack of choice but, slowly it turned into a hobby.

14. Tell me something about your work experience.


That’s it from my side, now my colleague will ask.

Thanked him.


1. Do you follow news and do you read newspapers?

Answered and named the newspaper that I’m following.

2. So, you live in Delhi, did your schooling from NCR, College from Delhi and you were working in the NCR region so, you’re a true Delhiite and Is India only Delhi for you?

(Shocked with the question initially) No, sir India is much more than Delhi to me and I’ve visited 18 states out of 29 till now which gave me the understanding of the rich culture and heritage that India has but, I would consider myself a true Delhiite.

3. Can you tell me something about the economy with facts and figures?

Started with the data during Covid, post Covid and mentioned the budget (with data) in between.

4. Tell me something about the economy of US and China

Couldn’t answer it, and then the faculty explained that you would be studying Business so, you should be aware of the International happenings and he himself stated some facts. I accepted and said that I should’ve known this and told that I’m aware about some of the happenings around like the Burma coup. (He seemed satisfied, though he didn’t ask me to explain it).

5. So, Sachin one last question, Do you think farmers are habitual of crying or this time they’re right for what they’re doing about the 3 new farm laws?

Told him my stance.

Thank you. All the best.

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