How should an IIM student spend his two years of life?

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“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

I don’t think there is one ideal answer to “How one should spend his two years at an IIM.” Everyone has his own priorities and accordingly he/she invests his time in various activities. So, in the following points, I am sharing the perspective that I have gained from my experience. Likewise, you can learn many more points from other people who have experienced the ambience of the b-school.

Focus on skill development, not ‘only’ grades:

I am not one of the toppers, but I have worked on multiple real-time digital marketing issues. On many occasions, I  have managed events at IIM Trichy. I have practically learned the concepts of Digital Marketing. I have dealt with internal and external stakeholders of IIM Trichy and managed one whole admission process for my junior batch.

The result – a mercurial growth in my confidence and people-management skill.

For long we have run after grades and judged people by their academic results. Let’s not do it now for the very reason that in today’s world, skills outweigh grades substantially. At IIM, please do not fret about your grades. Instead of that, work on your skill development. I am being very frank now. I have seen toppers struggling to get a job and average candidates bagging some dream roles. So, try to enhance your skillset. Learn new skills. Learn to do the 360-degree analysis of a business problem. Read about businesses and their journey. Learn to manage events. Learn to speak without any fear. Most importantly, learn the skill of people management. Because in the end, no one will give a damn to your grades, people will be more interested in judging you by your thought process, your analytical skills, people management skills, and soft skills, among many others.

Don’t be a part of the rat-race:

There were lots of competitions and live projects floated in which students were taking part in, I chose a few. No one thought of doing a course on writing in his MBA, I did.

Most people get into b-schools because they found themselves stuck in their job. However, unwittingly, we again start following others in the rat-race and eventually meet the same fate again. So, stop being part of the rat race. Explore things and find what floats your boat, and then learn more and more about it. If you work on your interests, you will enjoy the work.

If I talk about myself, my grades are pretty average, but I did invest a lot of time in things that I love to do. I learned a lot about digital marketing. I did not only learn the theory, rather I leveraged the lessons of marketing in my writing, and applied the concepts of marketing on my blog. This was different, but I enjoy it. I spent hours doing it without feeling tired. And guess what, I leveraged these learnings in my job interview and bagged the job at ONGC.


During my time at MBA, I would come across many problems that I found tough to solve. But I had a good network, and so I would reach out to different people to help me with my different problems. After all, each one has one quality or the other that differentiates him from others.

For me, it has been the major takeaway from the MBA course. In my MBA, I have networked with myriad people from varying backgrounds. Many of them have taught me things that I would not have thought of otherwise. I have been able to find solutions to many tough problems just by networking and making relations with other people. I have interacted with seniors, my batchmates, my juniors, and faculty. This has made me more social, more agile and more versatile. And in future also, I feel I would be able to leverage this network to help myself and others. So, network as much as you can. Meet as many new people as you can. You will gain what we call experience, and that will help you grow. It will help you grow personally, professionally, and intellectually.

Learn to be versatile:

I learned diving in the swimming pool for a competition, took part in the fashion show for the first time in my life, addressed the audience of 250 people in the auditorium, learned dance at which I am awfully bad.

As you get into the corporate world, you may be required to wear multiple hats at times. So, be braced for it. Experience things. You don’t need to be perfect at everything, but sometimes, you should do things for experience and fill the gaps in the system.

Do Live Projects:

I did four live projects in 20 months. And that helped me know about real-time business problems and how to analyze them. It enhanced my network and confidence. It gave me practical points to talk about in the interview and not just bookish things.

Today, employability matters more than anything else. If you are a topper, but you are low in confidence and do not know how to address a meeting, you may be deemed unfit for the job. The live projects give you the feel of the corporate world. They help you learn about real-time business problems and help you think realistically. They help you learn how to deal with internal and external stakeholders, which is important in any job today.


Most of the practical things that I have learned at IIM are from the experience of my friends and faculty.

At IIMS, you will find a bunch of intelligent folks in the form of students and faculty. If you just listen to them, you can learn a lot. So, do talk to faculty and students and learn from them. Their rich experience can help you learn things better.

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old vs new

What is the difference between old IIMs and new IIMs?

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Having been through the CAT exam and IIM admission processes to finally studying in a new IIM, I would like to share my perspective on this topic.

old vs new

Brand Name:

You must have seen aspirants going gaga over IIM A/B/C, but have you ever seen any aspirant taking CAT with a dream of getting into any new IIM? No, right? This is the difference. Old IIMs are way bigger brands than the new IIMs. And that also explains why they are the coveted ones among the IIM clan.

Alumni Base:

The older the IIM, the bigger the alumni base. That’s why old IIMs have a much bigger alumni base as compared to the new IIMs, and that helps students of these institutes in a way that it is relatively easy for them to find new opportunities by leveraging their rich and diverse alumni network.


I have read some answers on Quora from the students of old IIMs where they speak highly of seasoned professors. And from what I have learned, many professors at old IIMs are very experienced. However, at new IIMs, though professors are highly qualified, they generally do not have the experience of 10–20 years in teaching at the back of them.

Average CTC:

The point of utmost importance to every CAT aspirant. Yes, the average CTC of old IIMs is fairly higher than those of the new IIMs. I also talked about this in detail in one of my answers. I will share the link to that answer at the end of this answer.


Students of old IIMs are generally perceived as very smart by the industry as well as the peers. However, I am not sure if this is always true, because a few questions here and there in CAT can change the fate of anyone, and the same goes with the interviews.

Campus life:

At old IIMs, relatively bigger batch strength, a large number of clubs and committees, disputedly better facilities, and hence a relatively better campus life.

After reading the above points, you might be getting a feeling that new IIMs are not worth it, but it is not like that. It is just that new IIMs are new. They are still growing, and it will take them a little more time to come on par with the old IIMs. Having said that, new IIMs are growing at a prodigious rate with a promising potential to come forward as the top b-schools of the country in the years to come.

Lastly, as mentioned above, I have shared in detail my views about the variation of average CTC at old and new IIMs in one of my other answers. You can read it through the following link.

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Summer Internship

How should I prepare for the MBA Summer Internship Process?

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These have been the uncertain days for all of us. As there is no clarity about the commencement of the academic curriculum and its mode, it is quite frustrating. As such, many students have been proactive in thinking about starting their preparation for the summer internship process. In recent days, a few people who got into various b-schools have asked me about the Summer Internship Process (SIP) at b-schools and how one should prepare for SIP. So, I decided to share my views on the same. In this article, I will talk about the various rounds of SIP and how, in general, one should prepare for the same. Please note that this article is not exhaustive. It is meant to give you just the general overview of the SIP at a b-school.

Summer Internship

When does Summer Internship Process start at b-schools?

In most of the b-schools, SIP usually starts in the second half of September.

What are the various rounds of the Summer Internship Process?

SIP rounds vary from company to company. In general, companies have 2-3 rounds in SIP. I am enlisting the few common shortlisting rounds carried out by the companies. Each company may have some of these rounds in their process.

  1. Group Discussion (GD)
  2. Written Assessment Test
  3. Case Study
  4. Personal Interview (PI)

How to prepare for different rounds of Summer Internship Process?

Group Discussion (GD):

There are two parts of GD preparation.

  1. Subject Knowledge
  2. Presentation

Subject Knowledge:

Generally, I am categorizing and tabulating the GD topics into three categories.

Category What is asked? How to prepare?
Current Affairs Business related, Industry related, Burning topics


  1. Impact of COVID-19 on various industries
  2. The trade war between US and China
  3. Mergers and Acquisition-related


  1. Read the newspaper daily.
  2. Focus on editorials.
  3. Read articles related to economy and business.
Company and its products Marketing and strategy related topics regarding any product of the company.


  1. Which new market should Reliance target?
  2. How can the “X” company increase the sale of its “Y” product?
  3. What should be the go-to-market strategy for the new product that is about to launch?
  1. Before the process, read about the company and its primary products.
  2. Read the latest news about the company and its products.
  3. Try to implement the frameworks that you learn in your first-term in such GDs.
Industry in which the company is  operating Topics are related to a particular industry and its players.


  1. What is the future of the automobile industry?
  2. How will the cement industry cope with the decrease in demand?
  1. Be well aware of the key figures of any industry.
  2. Know about the major players of the industry
  3. What micro-and macro-environmental factors affect the industry?
  4. You can find details about any industry on Google.

What to do when the GD starts?

After sharing the topic of GD, panellists generally give the students 2-10 minutes to prepare their points. It is important to use this time effectively.

  1. Do not speak for any side of the topic directly. Instead, first, start with your analysis, and then reach to the conclusion.
  2. To analyze any GD topic, use the SWOT framework for the topic (google it).


I know many people who, despite being intellectually sound, fail to get past the GD round. It is mainly due to their weak soft skills that include communication skills, body language, and confidence, among many others.

Some points to remember for the GD

  1. Be confident in the GD
  2. Have a proper body posture
  3. Work on your communication skills
  4. Try to be among the first 2-3 candidates to make your point.
  5. Do not interject.
  6. Be polite. Avoid getting too blunt while disagreeing with anyone else’s point.

Written Assessment Test:

It can be in the following forms.

  1. Questions from the CAT syllabus.
  2. Questions related to QM1 (generally taught in the first term of an MBA). Such questions are generally asked for Analytics role.
  3. Case study solutions, generally conducted by IT consulting firms.

So, be well prepared with the general aptitude syllabus and QM1 for this round.

Case Study:

In this round, the company gives a business problem to the candidates. They are required to analyze it and propose a feasible solution to it. In the first term of the MBA, students get acquainted with solving the case studies, and that can help them prepare for this round.

Personal Interview (PI):

The preparation of PI varies from one role to another. However, one should be ready with some commonly asked questions in PI.

I will break PI questions into two parts.

  1. HR questions
  2. Domain questions

HR Questions:

  • Tell me about yourself? (Very important)
  • Which domain are you interested in?
  • Details about your work experience? (Very important)
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to join our company?
  • Why did you quit your job and pursue an MBA?

Domain Questions:

For the summer internship process, it is very important to know the term-1 subjects at length. One should be thorough with the following subjects of term-1.

  1. Marketing Management (MM1)
  2. QM1
  3. Financial Accounting, and if possible, Corporate Finance
  4. Micro Economics
  5. Organizational Behaviour

Final Words:

Though this article seems to be a little long, to be honest, I have covered the points only at the surface level. There is so much more to the summer internship preparation, not in terms of elements of preparation, but the depth of each point that I have mentioned here. However, I haven’t stretched it because I feel that way you may get stuck in the paralysis of analysis (I am not a big fan of long articles).

So, to sum up, in this article, I have informed you about the various rounds of the Summer Internship Process. Now, you can start preparing for it, and as you move forward, you will be able to find more and more information through various resources. But to begin with, start reading newspapers and learning more about various industries and businesses.

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Amar IIT Bombay

Why did I choose IITB over other MBA colleges? Ft. Amar Agrahari

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I have been writing about the CAT exam and MBA for the last few months. In all these months, I have seen one common thing in the aspirants – a constant quest for knowing more about the b-schools. And so, I have started reaching out to my connections from different b-schools to request them to share more information about their institute on The CAT Talk. I feel it will help aspirants remain updated and can help them make an informed decision about their choice of b-school as and when needed.

Recently, I reached out to Amar, a current student of SJMSOM, Bombay. He scored 99.67 percentile in CAT 2018, and joined SJMSOM, Bombay, and having a great time there now. Being my junior for a few days at IIM Trichy, I know Amar as a very mature person. When I told him about “The CAT Talk,” he was happy to share his experience on this platform. 

So, let’s see what he has to say about his choice to prefer SJMSOM, Bombay to other MBA colleges.

I chose SJMSOM, IIT Bombay because of the following reasons.


I think the placement is the primary reason for most of us to join a b-school. We all agree that most of the students who pursue an MBA want a good placement in a reputed company, and the SJMSOM placement record has been phenomenal in recent years. The average placement of SJMSOM is around 21 Lakhs.

Small Batch Size: 

SJMSOM, IIT Bombay has a batch size of 110 students (now, it has been increased to 152). I feel having a small batch size has an advantage as we get to network well with others in our batch. I can say that I know everyone personally from our batch.


SJMSOM has one of the best ROIs in the country. Our course fee is around ten lakhs for two years, and an average placement of the batch is around 21 lakhs.


SJMSOM, IIT Bombay is one of the leading B-schools in India. NIRF ranking of IIT Bombay is 11. And this was also one of the points I considered for choosing the college.


I feel location matters, and as IIT Bombay is located in the financial capital of the country (i.e. Mumbai), it definitely has the location advantage as compared to other colleges in the country (Many people may disagree on this point).


Networking is one of the essential factors in any MBA graduate life. And SJMSOM has a rich alumni base spread across a variety of industries. The icing on the cake is that we not only get to interact with SJMSOM alumni but also IIT Bombay alumni which I feel is really beneficial.

Interaction with others:

If you are at IIT Bombay, you interact with not only SJMSOM students but also students from B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D., Design, etc. and therefore you get the hang of diverse field which helps you a lot, also you make a lot of friends from diverse fields. Don’t miss the fact that you also get to interact with the brightest mind of the country.


If you feel you have a million-dollar idea and you want to open a company, then IIT Bombay is the right place. We have SINE(Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), e-cell, e-club(SJMSOM) who helps you to build your start-ups and also helps in finding and meeting with potential investors.

Campus life and Infrastructure: 

People say that “Mumbai is the city that never sleeps,” and this phrase goes with IIT Bombay too. You will see students doing different activities throughout the day. With a lush green campus of over 500 acres, you can never complain about the campus life of IIT Bombay. Lake, hills, gym, Olympic size swimming pool, sports ground, cafes, restaurants, auditoriums, yoga rooms, indoor sports facilities, seminar rooms, technology centers – you name it, and we have it. Moreover, you also get to organize Mood Indigo(India’s largest cultural fest), TechFest, and E-Summit.

Aspirants often ask me why I chose IIT Bombay after getting a high percentile. I would like to say that getting a high percentile does not guarantee you a seat in the top IIMs. Every MBA college in India has different criteria for selection, which includes past academic records, diversity factor (gender as well as academic), extracurricular activities, work experience, etc. And we should also remember that CAT is just an exam to filter out good students, and your selection depends upon a lot of other factors (mentioned above).

Lastly, I would like to say that rejections should not dishearten us and I always believe that I cannot change my past, nobody can, because it is not in our hands, but we should work hard for our future to be good.

Here are some of the pictures of my one-year stay at IIT Bombay:

Campus view from my room

Met with one of my favourite comedians, Kumar Varun


Avenues( SJMSOM Fest)


Also worked as the coordinator of India’s largest Cultural fest Mood Indigo.


Mood Indigo(one should really attend the event once in his/her lifetime)


When B. tech guys meet with MBA guys 🙂


E-Summit workshop


Mumbai is love 🙂

average student

How does an average student feel like to be at an IIM?

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Being a non-IITian, non-NITian, and an engineering graduate from a tier-3 college with a score of 68.94 %, I feel you will be able to trust the words of this average student.

I have never been very inclined towards academics. I am also not intellectually sound. When I got into IIM Trichy, I became a peer of students from the top colleges like IITs and NITs. There were CAs as well. In classes, some of them were very active. They used to ask many questions during the class discussion. Some of them also aced the exam. So, being an average student, ideally, I should have had an inferiority complex. But It is far from the truth. I don’t remember a moment at IIM when I had an inferiority complex.

How did that happen?

It happened because I did not compare myself with them. Instead, I tried to gain a thing or two from them. I had my areas of interest, and I focussed on those, and that kept me going. In my MBA, I scored only 66.75%, but I have no regrets. See what we need to understand is that everyone is special in some way or the other. Some things were very easy for them and tough for me. So, I learned a few things from them. Some were very helpful, while others were not so helpful. So, I learned a lot from the former ones. In the same way, there were certain other things that I was good at, and I helped others with those. Teamwork is of utmost importance.

I find front-end jobs interesting. I love public speaking and doing presentations. So, I would often do that. I love writing, and I would often help people in their writing work by doing editing and proofreading. I love meeting new people and interacting with them. The Media Relations Committee fascinated me, so I tried my best to become a part of it, and I succeeded. In that capacity, I managed several events and got an opportunity to interact with various internal and external stakeholders, be it the director, faculty, news personnel, and other external stakeholders. This boosted my confidence and helped me nurture my management skills. During the admission time of the 2019–21 batch, we helped thousands of aspirants with their queries related to the admission process and IIM Trichy. I just loved my role and carried out my responsibilities with sheer dedication.

So, I kept myself busy and kept learning. I was friendly and had many friends there, and most of them were always ready to help. Most importantly, I was willing to work hard and persevere, and that helped me a lot. This positive attitude is important.

To sum up, though I have been an average student, I have had the time of my life at IIM Trichy. I will cherish every single bit of it for the rest of my life.

The bottom line is that we should not belittle ourselves. We have got into an IIM because we deserved it. So, we should have a positive mindset. There is a lot to learn there. We just need to be proactive and have a willingness to learn.

average student

Be exuberant and spread positivity. You will never feel bad about being an average student in terms of academics.

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The Media Relations Committee - a memory for a lifetime

The Media Relations Committee – a memory for a lifetime

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A Quora user asked a question, “What are the positions of responsibility you held in IIM, and how did it help you evolve?” And now, as I think about answering this question, I feel very happy and content, remembering my days at IIM Trichy. Those 20 months have been a memory for a lifetime.


As it happens with most of us, we often remain confused as to what we want to do. I am just another example of it. On most of the occasions, I have not seen myself very sure about going after something.

In May and June, when we get our results, and we know that we will be in an IIM in the next few days, we start doing research about the college and the opportunities there. I also did a little bit of research. So, when I came to know about the roles and responsibilities of the Media PR cell of an institute, surprisingly, I was very sure that I would love to be a part of it.

The main reason behind my penchant for the Media Relations Committee was my deep love for writing and the front-end jobs. I love interacting with people. I realized that as a part of the MRC, I would get many opportunities to write and interact.

Hence, I applied for the MRC selection at IIM Trichy. Thanks to my blog that gave me an edge again. I mentioned my blog and proposed the student blog of IIM Trichy as a new initiative. I showed them my writings, and eventually got selected.

My roles and responsibilities as a part of the MRC:

I will cherish my stint with MRC for a lifetime, because, for me, it was like pursuing my passion as a profession. I enjoyed every single day and worked with utmost dedication.

As a part of the MRC, I carried out the following responsibilities.

  1. Drafted Press Releases of IIM T.
  2. Designed the student blog of IIM T (Unfortunately, it has been put on the back seat now).
  3. Handled social media platforms of IIM T.
  4. Managed several events of the institute.
  5. Conducted city meets for the IIM T aspirants in Mumbai and Pune.
  6. Helped thousands of aspirants with their queries about the admission process and IIM Trichy.

How did it help me evolve?

I carried out my work with passion and worked for the committee on priority. Maybe because I loved my job, it has helped me evolve by leaps and bounds.

  1. Confidence: My job allowed me to interact with multiple internal and external stakeholders, be it the director, the faculty, news personnel, or some other big shots. It has made me more confident.
  2. Network: It is said, “Network is your net-worth.” MRC allowed me to enhance my network profoundly. I can say that there is no student on campus, my batchmate or juniors, who do not know me. I have always been a cordial person. And this role only helped me build a strong relationship with others. As a result, I always feel comfortable in helping others and seeking help from others.
  3. People-manager: When you interact with many personalities from different walks of life, you get to know a lot about different people. You learn how you should deal with them. There have been times when people heaped praise on us, and on a different occasion, they lashed out at us. And so, I feel more comfortable dealing with people now. MRC has made me a better people-person.
  4. Passion and Optimism: MRC has played a significant role in making my life at IIMT worthwhile by infusing passion in me to work for the betterment of the institute. So, It won’t take me by surprise if any of my batchmates calls me more interested and passionate about MRC than about my studies. And for my institute that has been growing at a prodigious rate, I am very optimistic about it reaching heights a few years down the line.
  5. Communication: MRC has made me a better communicator, thanks to the multiple opportunities of managing events that it has offered to me.

Trust me, all the traits that I have underlined are of utmost importance in the corporate world.

Lastly, in pictures, the best moments of being a part of the MRC:

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It’s not all rosy Inside an IIM

By Life at IIMs One Comment

Everyone talks about the success stories of an IIM. People do talk about the rigour, the parties, the fun, the learnings, and the placements.

But is it all about the MBA?
Is there no dark side to it?
No other side of the coin exists in this case?

It does. I wonder why people don’t talk about it.

If there are learnings, there are failures as well. Someday you will be on cloud nine, and some other day, you will find yourself depressed and down in the dumps.

Life is very happening there, but not always. Some days, you may find yourself feeling homesick and miserable.
It’s not that it just happened to me. I have seen people breaking down there.

I was exasperated. The MBA rigour had taken a toll on my emotional well-being. It had been three months since I joined IIM Trichy, and all that I had witnessed was a never-ending rat race. Endless days and sleepless nights day after day had sapped my energy completely. Just to stay afloat, I kept pushing myself, forgetting the point that my primary motive was skill up-gradation, not the competition. This gradually left me with an inner turmoil. I asked myself, “Is this all worth it?”

I had no answer to my question. I was struggling to find time for myself and my family. There were times when I was missing my place like hell. The frequency of phone calls decreased as I had no time to think about my family and friends. I felt I forgot them amidst the chaos, and I was leaving them behind. On some days, I was gutted with guilt. It was not a very good feeling.

“Far away from family and friends, all this was not making much sense to me.”

By the end of the gruelling first term and placements, I was completely exhausted. I had been through all – the best and the worst. I had no idea what I was doing. I wanted to run away to my home, but a mere four-day term break exacerbated my frustration.

Eventually, a short visit came to the rescue. It was around 1:45 AM. I was sitting on the shore of Rock Beach in Pondicherry, constantly looking at the mighty tides hitting the boulders on the shore. And out of nowhere, I had a moment of epiphany.

“The high tides were ferocious, coming with insurmountable force. But after some time, they gradually withered and subdued. In life, we come across problems that seem insurmountable. In such moments, all that is needed is to stand tall like a boulder and confront those problems. With time, they will be subdued. There is no point in getting intimidated by the force and giving up. It’s all about hanging in there.”

The idea was appealing. The first term was that high tide, which I managed to stand tall against. More power to me.

This article was originally written after the first term of my MBA at IIM Trichy.
Now that my MBA is over, when I look back I feel it was all worth it. Read my experience of IIMT journey here.

IIM average package – old vs new

By Life at IIMs One Comment

Dear reader, you might get disappointed because I am not talking about the IIM average package at old IIMs and new IIMs directly. If you want to read the direct answer, scroll down to the red font coloured part. However, I feel you should read this whole answer. It might help you gain a perspective.

Firstly, I feel this comparison is not appropriate. It is because the old IIMs have been there for ages while the new IIMs are hardly ten years old. By doing such a comparison, you tend to conclude that new IIMs are bad, which is not the case. It is just that they are in the growth phase, and they are growing quite well. In the next ten years, I believe you will see them reaching heights.

Having said that, as of today, you should always prefer old IIMs if you get an opportunity. Needless to say that they are better than the new IIMs in every aspect.

The new IIMs are the best for those who have an average profile and want to pursue their dream of studying in an IIM. And I feel you won’t get disappointed. The new IIMs are relatively easier to get into today. However, a few years down the line, given their growth rate, I feel you will have to face the fierce competition in these IIMs as well.

Now, coming to the direct answer to the IIM average package,

As of today, the average packages in old IIMs are in the range of 20 LPA and 25 LPA, while in new IIMs, it is in the range of 12 LPA and 16 LPA.

I also read in some of the answers that these numbers are inflated. I feel ‘inflated’ is not the right word to use, but yes, the various components of the CTC are not highlighted by the colleges, which lead to such a perception. If they specify the various components of the CTC, you will get a clear picture of the average in-hand salary.

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Disadvantages of the new IIMs

What are the disadvantages of the new IIMs?

By Life at IIMs One Comment

The new IIMs are growing at a very fast pace. It can be witnessed from the fact that they are now being compared to some decades-old private institutes like SIBM Pune, NMIMS Mumbai, SCMHRD, IIT D, among many others. And the growth has not been just in terms of the placement statistics but the overall learning experience of the students. However, having graduated from IIM Trichy, I feel, it is not all rosy inside an IIM. In this article, I am enlisting some of the disadvantages of the new IIMs, which I have experienced.

  1. Second-gen IIMs and new IIMs have a lower alumni base. There is no direct disadvantage of it, but a big alumni base helps you switch jobs relatively easier.
  2. If you expect an average package of 25 LPA from the new IIMs, you might end up feeling bad. The average package at these IIMs is generally around 15 LPA. The IIM average package comparison of old and new IIMs is not justified also.
  3. Some of the new IIMs do not have their permanent campus. I feel this is one real disadvantage because I think the campus is a must in a residential program to get the most out of the campus.
  4. Some of the big companies visit a campus which is at least ten years old. In such a case, new IIMs miss out on a few big names. However, all the new IIMs are almost ten years old now. So, this situation should change.
  5. The biggest disadvantage can be the expectation mismatch. If you expect new IIMs to be comparable to the old IIMs, you would be cheating yourself. I am not saying that new IIMs lack quality, but what I am saying is that they are not as old as old IIMs which are touted as relatively bigger brands now.
  6. This last point is especially for the people with a work-ex of 4+ years. If you join any new IIMs, join these for the sake of learning and not just placement. With 4+ years of work-ex, you might be expecting a package of 20+ LPA from IIMs. If this is the case, you might end up feeling disappointed with the new IIMs.

Though I have enlisted some of the disadvantages of the new IIMs, I am very optimistic about their future. I feel, in the coming years, some of the new IIMs will get ahead in the race and compete with some of the old IIMs.

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How is IIM Trichy

How is IIM Trichy?

By Life at IIMs One Comment

How is IIM Trichy?
How are the faculty there?
What about the infrastructure?
Most importantly, how is the placement scenario at IIMT?
Finally, how does it fare among the second-generation IIMs?

Now that the CAP results are out, you must be running from pillar to post to know about the second-gen IIMs. Yes, I know this, because I have been through this. So, here I am, to help you and your friends know a little more about second-gen IIMs in general and IIM Trichy in particular.

I am also certain that these perplexing questions can weigh on your mind. You might also be feeling that deciding which question to attempt in the CAT exam was manageable, but deciding which college to join is a dead uphill task.

Welcome to the MBA world!

In 2018, at this very time, I was in the very same boat. I felt the need to make the right choices because, at this point, it could drastically change my life ahead.

I know what you are all going through at the moment. To be honest, it is not a very good state to get into because it takes a lot of physical, mental, and emotional strength above all to navigate these decisions. Therefore, this is my earnest attempt to help you make an informed decision.

However, take my words with a pinch of salt. I might get biased without me realizing that. After all, IIM Trichy is my alma mater, and my experience at IIMT has been amazing. I had the time of my life on that campus. Hence, I admire it whole-heartedly.

Having said that, look at your parameters along with any advice you might receive here or at any other platform. It has to be your decision because you have to live by it for the rest of your life. I am only trying to help you make the decision.

In this article, keeping in mind the frequently asked queries by aspirants, I am going to talk about a few facets of IIM Trichy at length. So, this write-up is going to be a lengthy one. Be patient! It will be worth it. I can vouch for it upfront.

Does IIM Trichy have a permanent campus? How is the infrastructure at IIMT?

Yes, IIM Trichy has a beautiful permanent campus. It moved to the permanent campus way back in 2017. It is fully functional and has one of the best architectures with world-class facilities. Let me walk you through the infrastructure in pictures.

The state-of-the-art AC classrooms with projectors facilitate a great learning experience:

How is IIM Trichy

Colossal Auditorium:

How is IIM Trichy

The humongous Learning Resource Centre (LRC):

How is IIM Trichy

The single occupancy AC rooms:How is IIM Trichy The grand Sports Complex:    The placid lake – a picturesque place for tranquillity amidst gruelling academics:Basketball, Cricket and football ground:

How are the faculty at IIM Trichy?
Yes, Let’s talk about faculty – one of the crucial factors in choosing the college.

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to be taught by the best of the best faculties?
What if you could get an opportunity to talk to your faculty even at the odd times?

With around 36 in-house faculties, mostly from IIM A, B, and C, besides a few who pursued PhD from foreign universities, IIM Trichy is proud to have achieved a rare outstanding feat of the student to faculty ratio of around 10:1.  It speaks the volume of the kind of support that students get from faculty at IIMT who work day in day out with unflinching dedication to enrich students’ learning experience.

The talent of students and the support they get from faculties has also been proved by our achievements in corporate competitions. For instance, IIM Trichy students have repeatedly won the CFA-RC challenge at the National level, which is considered to be the toughest corporate competition for MBA students in the Finance domain.

How is the placement at IIM Trichy?

Let me talk about the placement for which you might have been reading this article very keenly till now.

We have been challenging ourselves year after year and have been successful so far. This spurt growth in the placement figures over the years is a testament to my view. The placement report of PGP 18-20 has just released and the average placement stands at INR 14.96 LPA with many big names taking part in the placement process offering multiple coveted roles. You can also see the highlights of the placement of the PGP 2018-20 batch here.

But, is IIM Trichy all about the infrastructure, faculty, and placement?

Not really!
Life at IIM Trichy is no less than an adventure! Trust me, this southern IIM never sleeps.
So, how does a typical day at IIM Trichy pass?
I would say, constructive chaos!

You must have heard the phrase, “Time flies.” At IIMT, you will feel it. With days packed with activities one after the other, it is bound to happen. Classes, assignments, discussions, sports, cultural events, clubs and committees‘ activities and other co-curricular activities ensure that we are on our toes all the time.

A typical day starts at 8 AM with a friend banging the door of your hostel room to wake you up for the 8:30 AM class. Yes, the time is of the essence. We are bound to cut short our morning sleep to attend the class for entry at 8:31 is never entertained.
Indeed, constructive chaos!

But there is more to our days beyond academics. Amidst the busy schedule, we have learned to steal time for ourselves and do things that we love. One can witness people flocking the sports complex playing table tennis, badminton, or unwinding themselves by swimming. People cherishing equanimity near the lake in the evening is a common sight.

Here, 3 AM is the new 10 PM because that’s when people usually call it a day. The canteen which serves us till 3 AM is one place where it always feels like daytime. Such is the crowd it attracts late at night.

So, this was all about the routine of a typical weekday. I will culminate this post by sharing my final thoughts – In the years I have been there, I have witnessed the IIM Trichy Brand which has been achieved on account of unprecedented growth rate in all the aspects, be it infrastructure, faculty or placement. Probably, that’s why it is ranked as one of the fastest-growing Business Schools in India.

That’s it?


I also stated one question in the beginning, “How does it fare among the second-generation IIMs?”

So far, I haven’t compared IIM T with other IIMs. You will be disappointed to know that I won’t compare IIMT with all the other second-gen IIMs. You have a rough idea where IIMT stands. But I will answer two questions, which might be coming across your mind. Read these answers here.

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Which is better – IIM Ranchi or IIM Trichy?

By Life at IIMs One Comment

When you think, “Which is better – IIM Ranchi or IIM Trichy?” you might also be thinking, “If I should join a second-gen IIM this year or should try for BLACKI next year?”

So, I will share my view on the latter question first.

I feel you should give another shot at CAT when

  1. Your academic scores are above average (10: >85, 12: > 85, Grad: > 80).
  2. Your current work ex is at max three years.
  3. You have the motivation to study consistently for the next attempt and are confident of scoring 99+ percentile.

Though there are some disadvantages of the new IIMs, if you feel that you have an average profile or you are running out of motivation to slog for months again, second-gen IIMs are a great choice. 

Now, coming to the original question, “Which is better – IIM Ranchi or IIM Trichy?”

I would say that it is a very tough question for me. IIM Trichy vs IIM Ranchi has been a perennial debate.

You read it right. Between IIM Trichy and IIM Ranchi, which one is better, is a perennial debate where individuals from respective b-schools claim their institute to be a better one. I am also tempted to do the same, but now, at this moment, your career is more important than my temptation. So, in this answer, I want to be as objective as I can. Even then, I say to you, take my words with a pinch of salt because, at the end of the day, my alma mater remains IIM Trichy.

In general, the common factors that help us decide which college to join are as follows.

These are:

1. Placement
2. Faculty
3. Infrastructure
4. Location
5. Perception
6. Industry Connect

However, everyone, including me, first of all, looks at the average placement. 😛

So here it is, the average placement of the last two batches of IIM Ranchi and IIM Trichy. Let me tell you this will only exacerbate your confusion because both the institutes have more or less similar statistics. If you still want to compare on this aspect, you can look at the companies visiting both the IIMs. 

Which is better - IIM Ranchi or IIM Trichy

As far as the other factors are considered, both the institutes fare almost the same, except for the campus in which IIM Trichy leads, for it has a beautiful campus, and anyone would agree to that.

Then, how to decide which one to join?

Let me tell you how most of the people decide.

Between Trichy and Ranchi, people generally conclude by considering two factors.

1. Location

2. Campus

Location wise, both the colleges have an advantage. While IIM Ranchi is close to XLRI Jamshedpur, which gives it an advantage in the sense that some companies that visit XLRI visit Ranchi also, IIM Trichy gets the advantage of being in proximity to Bangalore and Chennai where most of the companies have their presence. Generally, people join the one which is closer to their home town. 😛

Regarding the campus, those who have a special fascination for a permanent campus after seeing the pictures of the beautiful campuses like old IIMs, join IIM Trichy.

I joined Trichy for two reasons:

1. Permanent campus with single occupancy hostel rooms.

2. I had never been to the south before, so wanted to explore it.

You might be wondering why I am not mentioning IIM Trichy as the Finance campus. Though people with inclination towards Finance prefer to join IIM T, I don’t feel it is ‘only’ the Finance campus. Students from all the domains get opportunities, be it in academics or placements. If I talk about myself, I did my majors in Marketing and Operations. And I got placed in ONGC as a marketing executive.

My final words: Both the colleges are equally good, and I don’t feel you will regret joining any of them.

And irrespective of the college you join,

“In this odyssey of two years, you will go through the highs, the lows, and the blows. But there is this one thing – you will cherish every single bit of it in the years to come.”

When nostalgia hits you hard – IIM Trichy, you will be missed!

By Life at IIMs 5 Comments

From new faces and endless talks to empty roads and lonely walks, something is left behind. Now is the time to bid adieu with no rue. Yes, there is an end to everything. All that remains is memories. IIM Trichy, you will be missed!

With people planning trips every other day, loitering in the campus round the clock, carefree mind, and generous smiles, I can sense that it is the beginning of the end. Of late, the aura of the campus has changed, with people starting being friendly a little more and rival a little less. Not long back in farewell, we witnessed a party where, more than dancing and enjoying, people were seen hugging and crying. We just spoke our heart out in a flurry of emotions. That was beyond beautiful.

Batch mates, and juniors – Just too many heartening moments – an ocean of emotions to cherish for a lifetime.

As I look back today, I feel every bit of this life at IIM Trichy was worth it. No matter how hard it has been at times, I whole-heartedly treasure this roller-coaster ride. The last twenty months have gone by at such a fast pace that I sometimes feel that time indeed flies. And on this flight, I have witnessed the best, and the worst. I have been ecstatic at times, and I felt doomed on some other occasion. But today, I have no regrets, because, in the end, beautiful memories and invaluable experiences have swamped me. Now that we are about to bid adieu to IIM Trichy, it’s time to wrap things up on a lighter note. It’s time to express and confess.

IIM was a dream. A dream, that when realized, overwhelmed the dreamer himself.
It was a surreal feeling. Indeed.
As I entered the campus, I felt a gust of confidence and vigor. I was spirited to conquer the IIM rigor.
But soon, the balloon deflated. I felt crushed under the weight of extreme rigor.
But then, things changed gradually, or rather, I adapted to this culture.

We changed with the change and made the change look like nothing changed.
From sleepless nights of term-1 to frequent rides of term-6, we have come a long way.
And now, we are about to leave this campus, ready to fly again, oozing with confidence, ready to conquer again.
Is it just my story? Probably not!
Today, when I see me through these months, it feels as though a perfect script has been materialized.

Late-night pre-reads to 8:30 AM classes, clubs and committees’ selections to CR005 sessions, war-like competition in sports and cultural fests to incredible camaraderie beyond that, mid-night loiterings to canteen offerings, placement hustles to rare tussles, unplanned trips to random treats, poha party to dal waafle delicacy. Everything. So mundane then, and surprisingly special now. And in between this, everything has changed. Strangers once, are now close friends, and sophisticated greetings have changed to blatant insults.
Indeed, memories have been made.

I will badly miss this grandeur campus. Literally badly, for all the little things – gatherings in mess, loitering at the lake, banging the doors on the floor just to ensure that everyone reaches the class, rush from hostel to academic block in the weirdest of dresses, late-night presentations made with anger for free riders, fear of facing PGP office that loves taking the case of anyone just like that. All of a sudden, in the last few days, these things are hitting me hard. It’s a strange feeling.

Read: How Is IIM Trichy?

While an MBA is generally a rat-race, the calmness of this place has allowed me to be compassionate and bonded with myself. The late-night strolls, and the lakeside ‘my time’ has always rejuvenated and kept me going through this hustle and bustle. But it is not the only thing to cherish. The competitive yet friendly people have made this journey all the more beautiful. We have built a great camaraderie, thanks to the never-ending sports and cultural events that have brought us together, sometimes through unity for the section or team, and healthy competition on different occasions. Especially Kurukshetra, Sanskriti, and ITCL have been etched on my memory for the kind of fun and bonding agents these events have proved to be.

And the Media Relations Committee – probably, the best thing that happened to me at IIM Trichy. Writing keeps me sane, and MRC just facilitated that. I cherished every bit of it. Falling short of words now, but all I am feeling is grateful.

Read: The Media Relations Committee – A Memory For A Lifetime

And to the people who stuck with me despite me being a tough person throwing tantrums every now and then, who always let me express myself, and who accepted me the way I am – a little naive, and somewhat blunt, no thank-you! It’s been too long… too long… I have been putting up with you. But yeah, I love you! 😛

I also realize that knowingly or unknowingly, I have hurt a few people – sometimes through my expression, and the lack of it on other occasions. I hear that we should always express ourselves, but sometimes I just feel it’s better to let go as there is no point in draining yourself emotionally. Not everyone can feel for you the way you do for them, and that’s completely okay. So, for my caustic remarks, or hurting silence – I just want to say ‘Sorry.’ All I know is that my heart has always been in the right direction, and I am at peace with that. I wish enough strength for us to let bygones be bygones. Hopefully, we will meet again outside the IIM Trichy campus with warm hugs recollecting beautiful memories.

Till then, let’s savour the last leg of this beautiful journey by wearing our heart on our sleeve and living to the fullest every single moment cherishing beautiful emotions and letting go of the painful ones.

It’s not Goodbye, but until next time!

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