I have been interacting with the CAT aspirants for quite some time now. Over a period, I have tried to understand the pain points of the aspirants and share my experience on those points. I have written a lot about the CAT and MBA to help the aspirants. However, there has been one thing that the aspirants have been continuously seeking – the help in solving their doubts of Quant, VARC, and LRDI. So, I started thinking about ways to solve this problem of aspirants.

I always believe that there is no better way of learning than the peer-learning. It is free and very effective.

Isn’t it great that when you find yourself stuck with a question, you take a screenshot of it, post it in a group, and get multiple approaches and answers for your question within minutes?

Won’t it be great that you would discuss and debate on a particular topic and get to learn multiple viewpoints that can enhance your knowledge?

Isn’t it great that you get all the relevant updates on one forum eliminating the need to resort to multiple forums?

Finally, isn’t it great that you get guidance from many people who have been through what you have been going through – a little earlier?

It would be awesome. Trust me, I have done it throughout my CAT preparation, and because of this, I could manage my CAT preparation without any coaching.

And so, here it is – A Free Peer-Learning Facebook Group for CAT Aspirants

My Role:
To bring together the people sharing the common goal on a single platform.

Your Role:
To post doubt questions/screenshots, answer doubts of other aspirants, and let the group constructively gain the momentum.

Join it now and accelerate your CAT preparation.

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If you have any query, feel free to reach out to me.
You can expect a reply within 24 hours.

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